All Cult of Strength programs are designed and tested by the brains behind Evidence Based Athlete.  They’re science-based and effective AF.

Lifting Programs

6 Week Undulating Strength Program

If you’ve been looking for a full body program that balances strength, muscle gains and power, this is it.  This 4 day / week program includes a strength day, a speed day, a pump day and a kitchen sink day to work through your imbalances.

Best of all, this program is based on a scientific approach to getting you strong AF.  Click the button below to learn how other lifters have gotten crazy strong from this program.

6 Week Power Focused Program

Power is essential for just about every sport.  It’s the combination of strength AND speed.  It’s moving large loads quickly.  Being POWERFUL and being ATHLETIC are damn near synonymous.

If you want train using proven methods for increasing power, like ballistics training, plyometrics, weightlifting and bar speed focused training – then this is absolutely the program for you.

12 Week Muscle Building Program

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “hrmmm… I really want to bust my ass for 12 weeks and make my muscles bigger than they’ve ever been…” you need to check out this program.

The cycles are designed to stimulate muscle growth from both mechanical tension and metabolic stress for maximal gains.  The movements are specifically curated for optimizing growth.  Only do this program if you’re serious about gains.


Logo Tee

If there ever was a shirt that was going to add 20 lbs to your squat, this is it.  Roll up to the gym in this tee and you will be the envy of all of lifters.  It’s rumored that Smolov himself was wearing this shirt when he designed his iconic program.

There are both men’s and women’s cuts available, because we all gotta look our best, right?  Click the button below to head over to amazon and pick one (or two or three) up.