Movement FocusProgram LengthTraining FrequencyTraining DurationObjectivesNeglected MovementsNotesLinks to SpreadsheetCost
Starter Program from Catalyst AthleticsSnatch, CJ4 weeks5 days/week1.5 hoursBuild technical proficiency and strengthnoneAlternates between Snatch and CJ days except Saturday, squat 3 days/weekLink to programFree
Starter Program from Garage StrengthSnatch, CJ4 weeks4 days/week1.5 hoursBuild technical proficiency and strengthnoneBoth Snatch and CJ everyday, Squat 3 days/weekLink to programFree
RBCP from Mash MafiaSnatch, CJ12 weeks4 days/week1.5 hoursStrengthen Olympic lifts for weightlifters with limited timenoneSnatch, CJ on same days. 1 day/week Jerk specific work. Squat 2-3 days/weekLink to programFree
Torokhtiy on ATGSnatch, CJ12 weeks6 days/week1.5-2 hoursDevelopment of classic liftsBodybuilding accessory movements.Very olympic weightlifting specific movements. Link to programFree

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