Undulating Strength Program

Stop guessing & start building real strength.

6-week program (4 days / week) based on the latest scienctific research.

No specialized equipment required
(see equip. list below)

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Note: Program will be emailed to you within 10 minutes of your purchase in PDF format.

Research Backed Approach

Study at the University of Florida found undulating periodization lead to nearly 2x the strength gains in experienced lifters.

Real World Results

I want to give my testimony on your undulating strength program. All my lifts have increased by following your program. I’ve gone from 195×1 in bench press to 215×1, squat has gone from 140×1 to 200×3 and deadlifts has gone from 185×5 to 230×5. I’d like to THANK YOU! Please know I’ve never put the work in ever like I’ve done these past 6 weeks and never been able to lift this much on any of these. I used to hate squats/deadlifts but now can’t see me not doing them. Thanks again!

img– Anthony –

Anthony got some incredible results, but experienced lifters have also seen great improvements. One example is Mel. She’s a long time lifter and competitive powerlifter. In her last meet, her deadlift came within 1 kg of breaking a national deadlift record for her age & weight class. She’s a beast.

Fast forward 6 weeks after completing this program, Mel has set new all time bests on her deadlift, bench and squat in her training. Her 3RM squat went up 7 kgs over that period. 7 kgs in just 3 weeks! Keep in mind, these aren’t beginner gains, this is a serious, experienced lifter making big gains in training.

Unsure If You Have Access to The Right Equipment?

Here’s What you Need:

Barbell + Plates

Dip Bar (can sub rings)


Pull-up Bar


Dip Belt

Resistance Bands

Get Stronger With Science

Start using undulating periodization and start building some serious, full-body strength.

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