The Cube Method is a Powerlifting program designed by elite Powerlifter, Brandon Lilly. We would definitely not recommend this  for a novice or even newly intermediate lifter, but someone who has had at least several years of solid, consistent training under their belt.

This is a 4-day/week program that is focused on the main lifts 3 of the days and the 4th day is designed for bodybuilding or accessory work to strengthen weak areas.

The 3 days of the classic lifts is what forms the cube. Each week, each lift will have its own focus, which consists of either heavy, explosive, or repetition work. Here is how the cube looks:


1= Heavy work

2= Explosive work

3= Repetition work


Week 1 2 3
Squat 1 2 3
Bench 2 3 1
Deadlift 3 1 2


The fourth training day is called a bodybuilding day to develop areas of muscular deficiencies. This for example can be working on glute or hamstring development or perhaps triceps. Only moderate loads on this day with 4-5 sets at 8-12 reps each. Narrow the focus down to just 1-2 body parts with 4-6 exercises to avoid being all over the place.

For the main lifts, each day has its own focus. For example, after heavy squats, choose 4 assistance exercises and perform 3-4 sets each. Similar to a bodybuilder, you want to build up areas that you feel are lacking in development that will help with that specific lift. There are endless options for leg day like leg press, leg curls, leg extensions, lunges, hack squats, etc.

The idea is to stimulate muscle development and not test heavy every week. In fact rotating the heavy days, so when it comes around you’re excited for it because you’ve spent a couple weeks strengthening weak areas in preparation for this next heavy day.


It makes sense as a coach to not always push heavy every single week to allow for joint and muscle recovery, but also for mental recovery. It can be draining to always be on the edge of your max, which is just one reason a lifter can burnout or get injured.

If you do decide to try this program, let us know what you think! Don’t forget to check out the other programs we have on our site to find one that best suits your ability and goals!